SINCE 1989

From Innovation to Everyday Wellness

Uniswab isn't just a pharmaceutical manufacturer; we're your trusted partner in delivering healthcare solutions. Since 1989, we've been pioneers in the field, first with the world's single-use antiseptic wipes and sachet creams, and later as the first Middle Eastern and African company to create premeasured single-dose liquids and semisolids for oral, topical, and nebulizer use. Located in the Al Obour industrial zone, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to offer a diverse range of products. Our expertise lies in:

  • Unit-dose liquids and semisolids : 

    Precise, convenient medication delivery.

  • Sachets : 

    A hygienic and portable option for liquids, semisolids, and wipes.

  • Creams and ointments :

    Effective topical treatments in trusted tube packaging.


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